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I want to thank the following people
  • Friederike Hammer for efforts towards making Stratify well-known and for general support.
  • Günter Merboth and Clive Bridger for correcting parts of my English texts
  • Stratify users Roz Aitken and her colleague Prasun Amin at the Museum of London for helpful suggestions
  • Julien Denis for helpful comments and suggestions
  • Andrew Wilson, Oxford, for problem reports and helpful suggestions
  • Walter Gauss, Aegina, Greece, for testing the DXF export many many times and for suggestions
  • Benjamin Ducke, Kiel/Oxford, for problem reports and helpful suggestions
  • Raimundo Ortiz, for providing information on installing Stratify on a 64 bit machine
  • All other colleagues who supported me in writing the program and discussed the aims and some of the problems with me.

Thank you all!