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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Stratify

Q: I want to install Stratify on Windows Vista (or on another Windows operating system with restricted rights to the root directory - usually C:\) or on a network drive. How can I configure my system to deal with the rights restrictions?
A: Stratify creates and manages Paradox tables. This is performed using the Borland database engine (BDE). The BDE Administrator will be installed as part of the full Stratify installation. Each Stratify user needs write access to the Paradox lock file PDOXUSRS.NET. The default location is C:\. To change the location of the file PDOXUSRS.NET open the BDE Administrator via the Control Panel. Click the Configuration tab and set
Configuration / Drivers / Native / Paradox / Net Dir
to the desired location of PDOXUSRS.NET.
Even if you want to browse your project data without making any changes you have to make sure that you have write access to the directory of the project files, otherwise I/O errors will result.

Q: How can I install Stratify on a 64-bit machine?
A: First download from the internet the archive BDEInfoSetup.EXE which can be found on This one installs the BDE on a windows x64 operative system. Second, install the Stratify update ( in Program Files" - not in Program Files(x86).

Q: Is there a way to display Stratify help files on Windows Vista?
A: To view *.hlp files on Windows Vista download WinHlp32.exe:

Working With Stratify

Q: How can I create PDF files from Stratify reports and the layout window?
A: Some PDF converters do not work with Stratify output, but PDFCreator does.

Q: What can I do, if Stratify refuses to open a project file after a crash or forced termination?
A: Close Stratify and check if *.LCK files are left in the project folder. Delete these files.

Q: Sometimes, record selections in the “Units” and “Relations” list views cease to work. Neither mouse nor keyboard interaction can be used to focus on a specific record. How can I fix this?
A: Close the project and reopen it (or use the Refresh menu item which is introduced in version 1.5).

Q: Adjusting style settings for groups in the layout window does work only sometimes. Why?
A: You have to position the mouse pointer precisely over the group label, the box itself is not good enough.