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Stratify - Download Program, Update, Manual, Tutorial

Stratify is free of charge and may be distributed to your friends and colleagues. For details refer to the license agreement, which is displayed before installing the program.
 (5 MB) Stratify 1.5 installation file (not suitable for Windows 7)
 (1.7 MB) Stratify 1.5 update file
 (suitable if Paradox, a BDE-application, or a previous version of Stratify is installed on your PC, not applicable for Windows 7)
 (7.9 MB) Stratify 1.5 - Windows 7 installation package
 (Zip-file with details on installation given in _Readme_Win7.txt)

 (193 KB) Stratify 1.5 tutorial
 (Updated version of the text created for the Stratify workshop at the
 CAA 2007 conference in Berlin)

 (664 KB) Stratify 1.5 help file topics converted to a manual
 (173 KB) Program to replace control characters in an ANSI file
 (To convert ArchEd lst files with carriage returns in the comment field)

You need PowerArchiver, WinRar, WinZip, or a compatible program to unpack the zipped installation files to a directory on your hard disk.